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Satellite Up/Downlink And Turnarounds

HDTVASIA delivers end-to-end broadcast solutions including Satellite Uplink, Satellite Downlink, Turnaround and Playout Services for broadcast clients from around the world. With over 50 C-Band and Ku-Band earth stations at our HDTV-EU Europe and North America Pakistan Teleport ideally situated to provide satellite services throughout satellite solutions to customers worldwide.
Azerbaijan, Central Asia, Europe and Africa
Middle East Iraq and Afghanistan Russia, West Asia North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Broadcast Uplink, Downlink & Turnaround services at short notice with all major Satellite footprint’s covering the … SD/HD Downlinks (C & Ku-Band); Turnarounds; Standards Conversion; Up / Down-conversion. broadcast customers from around the world. … Customers may uplink and deliver content, encrypted or not, to a global audience over Direct to Home platforms or on the Internet.nlinks (C-Band & Ku-Band)
SD/HD Uplinks (C-Band & Ku-Band)
Standards Conversion
Upconversion / Downconversion
Direct to Home Distribution
SD/HD Playout
Time Delay