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Disaster Recovery

Finding a disaster recovery solution to preserve your company’s communications can be a daunting experience. HDTVASIA has your solution! HDTVASIAoffers full-time disaster recovery solutions utilizing a scalable and flexible design which has been tested, implemented and is fully operational. For years Intelsatellite has provided DR services for some of America’s largest television networks.

HDTVASIAwill collaborate with your organization to enhance your existing disaster recovery plan and adapt it to fit your required specifications. If your company doesn’t have a disaster recovery plan, HDTVASIA will customize and implement one for you based on your company’s business continuity needs.

Before disaster strikes, contact HDTVASIA at +92-307-4721831 or info@hdtvasia.com to discuss your options.


contact HDTV ASIA at +92-307-4721831 or info@hdtvasia.com to Discuss your options